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Coming January, 2011: South America

Check back soon for the itinerary, and  map, of the upcoming South America trip!

Note from Donna

I guess this will be my last post for this trip-we start home in a few hours.  I hope you have enjoyed following the blog, and maybe one day you will visit here too.  Our next trip is January 6, 2011, to South America.  If you would like to follow along, let me know, and I will do a blog for you again.

Sydney, Australia

 It’s hard to believe that we are at our last stop on this trip!  We arrived at our hotel in Sydney (population 4.5 million) yesterday afternoon.  We are at an area of Sydney known as the “Rocks”.  We are right in the middle of everything.  We make sure we arrive on the weekend so we can be here for the craft market that takes place every weekend. We can walk a few blocks to the Sydney Bridge, or the other way to the Opera House.  This morning we boarded a cruise boat for a 2 hour tour of the harbor.  That is definitely the way to see Sydney!  We got a great view of the opera house, bridge, and the magnificent homes on the water. ( Price tags up to 60 million.)  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  This afternoon everyone is on their own.  Some are touring the opera house, some are at the aquarium, and a few adventurous ones are doing the Sydney Bridge climb.  And since I told you earlier that I wouldn’t even do the swinging bridge in Lamington, you know I’m not one of them!  Tonight we are having a “get-together” for a farewell cocktail on the top of the hotel.  It has a beautiful view of the city lights/opera house/bridge.




Getting to Kuranda, an Aboriginal village, was as much an experience as visiting the town!  



We took a 4.7 mile cable car ride above/through the rain forest of Barron Gorge National Park.




It is in 3  different sections, and at each of the stops on the way up there are walkways thru the rainforest.  As the name suggests…we experienced quite a bit of rain. 





In Kuranda we walked thru shops with a large selection of the Aborigine art.  Some of the group visited a bird/butterfly sanctuary,  others visited a snake exhibit.

Aborigine playing a didgeridoo

Most of us found a wonderful place to view the rainforest and have lunch-watching the rain.  One of our participants had kangaroo pie for lunch-he said it was delicious!

Great Barrier Reef Pictures


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